The Cantaloupe Treasure

July 22, 2015
Hello!! I am still here! I have neglected this blog for a while now! Time is tight right now. I know many of us are all too familiar…

Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2015
I love that the homestead is buzzing with new life! I love to see the new blossoms on the trees, seedling plants springing up out…

News on the Coffee Front

April 9, 2015
Wanted to share some exciting news on the coffee business! This is taken from our coffee page blog, but I wanted to share it here…

Meet the Homestead Hands

Hey there! We're the Monroe Family.
Glad you found us!

Alex- The Homestead President
-Brings home the bacon
-Master builder
-Master fixer
-Lion (kid) tamer
-Drinks coffee
-Computer geek

Erica- VP of Domestic Stuff
-Cooks all the bacon
-Master cleaner
-Master gardener in training
-Tear and nose wiper
-Loves iced coffee
-Essential oils geek
Leandra- Aka "The Cat"
-Eats all the bacon
-Master mess maker
-Master paper cutter
-Loves swimming
-Drinks sweet tea
-Loves school
Elyse- "EllyBelly"
-Also eats bacon
-Master tantrum thrower
-Master drink spiller
-Loves to eat slowly
-Dances with abandon
-Loves kefir juice
Micaiah- "Cai Cai"
-Doesn't eat bacon yetn-Master pooper
-Master sleeper
-Drinks milkies
-Loves kicking
-Doesn't like hiccups