Mung Bean Sprouts DIY Fail

I’ve always loved mung bean sprouts in oriental cooking. However, sourcing quality sprouts is not the easiest thing to do. Option A is to go down to the local asian grocer and get like 10lbs for a buck. Cheap as all get out. However, I don’t know about you but I start to get a little eerie when things are that cheap. Option B is to go down to your speciality grocer and buy organic ones at like 1lb for 10 bucks. Then you wonder how the heck can they charge that much for a BEAN sprout! I mean really!? So. I decided that I would just try for myself to see how hard they were to sprout. Not rocket science!

So. I got some mung beans from that same specialty grocer (Whole Foods). I even asked the dude there…”So are these like the little beans that you sprout to make bean sprouts?” He was like “the Chinese ones?” (I didn’t know sprouts had nationality). “Yes.” So I bought a handful.

The first few days seemed to go ok, they were moving along just fine, looking a cute and baby sprout-ish.Then the little ends started to turn brown and shrivel up. I had read somewhere not to expect them to get as big as the ones in the store because they use chemicals to grow them so large. Surprise!!

I let them go for a few more days- they tasted great! We even ate them with a pad thai kind of dish. I was happy at the taste but wished they looked a little more legit. So I let them keep growing some more. After another few days I started to notice the leaves had started poking out. Finally, today I decided they were probably not going to get any bigger so I dumped them out of my sprout jar (glass mason with my new sprout lid). When I looked at them closely I realized that the brown part that had shriveled up was actually the beginning of the new plant’s root system. So yeah. I think I went a little beyond “spout” and more like mung bean PLANT! Haha. Oh well. I shall try again maybe I had too much light and the leaves got a little too excited to come out. Taste at this point? Kinda bitter and I was a little, uh, weirded out eating a whole plant. LOL. So we put the new plants in a little jar of water on the window sill to see if we can grow a mung bean tree. Haha, just kiddin (about the tree).





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