Home Progress…Just a few updates

Yesterday we visited the land. The septic was suppose to be started last week, however, the recent bought of rain and potential snow held things up. While we were walking around the property, a truck pulled up with the guy who would be putting in the culvert, driveway and septic. He said he would be starting today or tomorrow. Things are finally moving and we are really feeling like this is real. We are getting excited and trying to draw up some plans for the homestead. We have so much room to work with and are actually struggling to find use for it all right now! Our big discussion yesterday was to try to figure out where to place Alex’s garage and where to put the chickens. We decided to go with a paddock design for keeping our little chicken family. Idea Here. It’s a bit strange to think that we are only planning on starting with a few chickens, even though we could probably keep over a hundred on this size land!

The other exciting news is that we have an address!! When we bought the property it did not have an address yet. Now we just need to hunt for a better mailbox!



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