House Delivered!

We got a text this morning from Cliff and he said the house was going to be delivered on the land today. Alex took the day off (because he was feeling sick) so we got the chance to go look! It was kind of an odd feeling seeing the house. The house, being modular, had to be delivered on large trailers. Looked a little hillarious seeing two halves of a house on wheels. I know it is going to look great once it is put together, the roof is stood up, the brick skirt is put on, and we have our HUGE porch put on! Needless to say though, for right now I think we are kinda giggling. It’s going to be great! We are excited but getting kinda nervous as the big moving day approaches and we literally have a new start in our lives. A whole new way of living. It’s gonna be good.

We also “saw” the neighbors. They are not seemingly to “neighborly” and have not made any effort to come greet us even though we have seen them quite a number of times. I have told Alex that I think we are going to have to be the brave ones and go to greet them at their front door! I do pray that they are not difficult to be neighbors with since we will be doing a lot of things in the coming years! I pray they don’t get cranky about my chickens!

UPDATE Jan 26th: It snowed last night! First snow of 2013 and so that may set them back a few days!

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