First 2013 Snow!!

Its January 26th and we have had our first official snow! Started falling last night about 3 o’clock! Thankfully Alex got off work a little early and made it home before the interstate was a parking lot! Praise the Lord! We got about 2 inches! Lea was thrilled to pieces to play in it!

While tossing snowballs at each other this morning I was sipping on some Colombian/Sumatra blend coffee I roasted up earlier this week. I think it is an excellent roast. I did a pre-roast blend of the two origins because we were low on both. I roasted at a Full-City+, although I am still a bit unsure of how to call the cracks. I am pretty good at hearing first crack but second crack is a little harder for me…nevertheless, I know it was in the Full City+ range! I usually roast to a Vienna or darker because I like a darker roast. Alex likes the lighter roasts so he usually does those!! I like some oily beans!

Anyways. Off to pour another cup!

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