Sooo excited today as I was able to locate some WOODCHIPS! After watching the Back to Eden Film  (if you are a gardener or want to garden WATCH this). It so changed my life! Anyways, the method involved a thick layer of wood chips to plant crops in. I fully expected these woodchips to be hard to come by, but after a phone call to a tree company down the street from our new place, the man offered me 3 truckloads! All he would charge me was a delivery fee. Super stoked. As of right now the property is pretty much mud after all the wet weather we have been experiencing so delivery is going to have to wait a few days. After talking to the guy he even said that he had some composted woodchips on his property that he would be willing to give me. I am so happy to have found this connection. I feel like it is a total confirmation from God- that He is just looking out for me and leading me- ALWAYS providing what we need. Why do I ever doubt?

On another note, I talked to the builder today and they said that the house was moved to the foundation and in place. They were just having trouble getting to the house due to the mud. They were bringing in more sand and gravel to be able to get vehicle access! I haven’t driven out there yet to see what it looks like!

Things are getting closer and closer! I just pray for some good weather in the next couple of weeks so that they can finish the house!! My heart is overwhelmed and overjoyed by how much the Lord has provided for us. We are truly blessed. 


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