Lies We Believe


Saw this picture in a magazine today. It struck me how unfair advertising really is. I mean…I can’t even describe on how many levels this is a lie. On second thought…ya know, I actually agree with the tagline…If only it were TRUE.




What’s ACTUALLY inside the jar?



**Off Soap box**

Oh and one last thing. Why are “natural flavors” an ingredient in food anyways? Is that a spice I have passed by in the spice isle? Sprinkle that one some of your baked beans and people will oh and ah and say “oh I really taste the natural flavoring!” (??) I believe we should eat food that doesn’t have a label (ie- fruits & vegetables, grains & meat).

Okay, I am really off now. If you need an Alfredo recipe, I’ll be happy to help you.


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