Major House Progress

We have had a run of poor weather lately so we didn’t expect much work to have been completed over the last week, but we drove out to the land anyways just to see it. A couple of guys where working on the house today and I got to talking with one of the guys. Mostly about how dang cold it was and how surprised we were that any work had gotten done on the house this week. We were,however, pretty excited to see the roof stood up (it ships flat to make it under overpasses) and we got an unexpected treat when the fellow dragged a latter over so that we could climb up inside the house and look around at what they had done.

Check out the pictures below!

2 Replies to “Major House Progress”

    1. We think of you and Carl every time we pass the big white house on the corner.

      We drove up through Moyock one afternoon after visiting the house to grab lunch at that Mexican restaurant near Taylor’s and were surprised how close we really are. It is going to take me a few months to get used to the idea that driving to a different county/city/state really doesn’t take as long nor is nearly as far as it sounds in my head.

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