Rootstocks, Cultivars, Fireblight oh My!

Decided to delve into the MASSIVE amount of information to learn a little bit on how to start our apple orchard. Whoa. It’s a bit overwhelming. I really wish they had like “apple orchards for dummies” book. Like anything, I think its really important to learn the “behind the scenes” info. I suppose I could just go out and buy an apple tree or two from a nursery, but I am quickly realizing there is more there than meets the eye. I want to know about this apple tree! So this week I am trying to learn about the different rootstocks (which in the beginning I didn’t even know what those were!), the different varieties (cultivars), the best varieties for organic growing, the best disease-resistant trees. There is so much to learn but I am feeling a little more confident with this new information under my belt. I feel like this will get us the best results in the long run, rather than being ignorant and then running into problems. With up-front info I know what I can expect when I grow a certain rootstock of apple tree, etc.

While I have a TON more information to learn here’s a few thoughts I have at the moment (subject to change!)

That’s it for now! Gotta go get the baby up from her nap!


red apple


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