Geeking out in the Kitchen- DIY Coconut Milk

For a while now I have been trying to completely rid my pantry of BPA lined cans. I have successfully gotten rid of canned beans (make your own and freeze them in “can” sizes 14.5oz to be exact), canned vegetables (that’s an easy one), & canned soup (gross, who eats that stuff anyways). I have ran into a few that I am having a hard time with. Tomatoes are probably the biggest challenge. Due the the acidity of the tomatoes BPA lining is the most effective. Some companies have ditched the BPA but only for another non-researched chemical. Yet still, other companies are packing tomatoes in glass or plastic making them slightly more desirable if it weren’t for the huge price increase. So, while I wait for my beloved huge tomato garden in the new house, where I can pack all my own tomatoes for the year in glass-I opt for the organic ones from Costco. The only two other canned goods in my pantry are fish and coconut milk. I’ll deal with fish another day since we barely eat any canned fish. Coconut milk on the other hand usually gets weekly use. LOVE that stuff. Apparently there are brands that do not use BPA in their cans or packaging, but some of those are the ones you get from the asian market. I love the asian market but I get s a little wigged out using stuff when I can’t read the packaging because it is in some foreign language. Hmm. So on a random forum I stumbled on someone was like “why don’t you make it instead.” Read: Erica says “whaaaaa??” I am ashamed to admit that was my reaction. My favorite story is my brother telling someone they can make waffles at home and they look at him blankly, speechlessly, “noo waay“. Awesome.


Coconut milk. Yes, so I proceed to use the beloved Google (sorry hun, not a Bing lover yet)- I mean who goes around saying “Just Bing It!” No.

Homemade Coconut milk. It is possible. I have all the ingredients and the vital tool (I assume you need it)-A Vitamix. Off to the kitchen. Quickly-this could be epic.

Add 2 cups of warm water and 1 cup of unsweetened dried coconut into Vitamix and blitz to oblivion for a few minutes. Using a nut milk bag/sprouting bag (not as crazy as it sounds, ok?) strain the liquid out in a bowl or container. Revel in awe and amazement at your creation. I might stop drinking cows milk. This stuff is like milk from heaven. Seriously good. Then look in the bag at all the stuff you strained out- its like snow! I haven’t come up with an idea for this stuff yet but my mind is working. I am thinking that it is probably like coconut flour, which I have seen a lot of recipes for. Maybe mix back into smoothies or baked goods? Either way its fun to play with!

So there ya go. Preservative free, BPA free, coconut milk. I am sure I could also do with fresh coconuts but I have bad luck with those. I’m excited. Mine is currently chilling off in the fridge-and apparently it thickens up as it cools? Im seeing Ice Cream in my future.


Ok so here’s the recipe again in case you didn’t catch it.

Homemade Coconut Milk

  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes (could use less if you don’t mind a thinner milk)

Mix these TWO ingredients together in a blender (Vitamix)-try a regular one and let me know how it works

Strain the milk through the mesh bag listed above (could use cheese cloth or a very fine strainer I suppose)

Drink warm or chill off in fridge. Only keeps for a day or so- so just make what you need!


IMG_3274Dried Coconut (Don’t mind the dishes)

IMG_3275My Beloved (Yes I know I have a lot of beloveds)

IMG_3276Finished Coconut Milk Chilling in Fridge

IMG_3277The powdery snowy stuff!

Hooray for ditching another canned good!

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