Weekly House Update

We went down to the property this afternoon after church. It has been another cold and rainy week, so we weren’t expecting to see much. Still, work has been done, although the bulk of it seems to be indoors.

Changes from last week:

  • The footing was dug and poured for the brick skirt to sit on that will go around the perimeter of the house.
  • The meter for the electricity was installed and it seems that the electrical work to tie that into the house is underway.
  • More plumbing work to connect the house to septic tank has taken place, but this is still underway.
  • The master bathroom has a door! We were fretting over this as it looked to be an archway at first and that was not on the plans.
  • The seam between the two halves of the modular have been plastered and a ton of finishing drywall work has been done.

Here are a few pictures:

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