A Day of Surprises!

The baby didn’t sleep last night and we all got out of bed feeling a bit under the weather. Alex took the day off to be super husband and help me out with the kids. Since we dive at any opportunity to go see the new house progress, we decided to drive down there to check it out. Much to our surprise there was a lot going on today! We arrived and the guys building the porch were working. They had already gotten up the framing on the porch. We were very happy with the way it was looking and how they placed it on the house! It seems like things are really moving now! We got in touch with the general contractor and he informed us the plumbing inspection was happening today. After that they brick guys could start working on the brick skirt! It is really pulling together.

We needed to take care of some paperwork to get the electricity connected and we kinda got a run around of information. We ended up driving down to Elizabeth City office only to then drive down to Hertford, another 20 mins or so. We got all the paperwork signed and had lunch at a most lovely spot in downtown Hertford. We love that little town! Anyways, we got to talking with our sales rep (for the house) when we stopped by the office in Elizabeth City and he let us know that the lending agency is processing faster than we were expecting. We were expecting to have to wait at least 30 days from when the home was totally done. He said that the home would be done within 3 weeks from today and we would close soon after. We I got excited and Alex was like “we better not get our heart set.” We decided to call the mortgage lady ourselves to find out and confirm this. It is true! We will close very shortly after the house is finished (read: like 3 WEEKS!!). Wouldn’t the keys to a new house be a lovely birthday present for my dearest hubby? I think so. 🙂

We are currently calculating all the numbers and finances for building the garage and buying a tractor. Lol, this is really real people. I need to budget in some mud boots and a pair of overalls. Yes, I just said that. Or typed it. Whatever.

We are feeling pretty elated.- All except for the fact that means we actually have to start the packing and moving part, which is by far my LEAST favorite. Ah well. This will be the last time.

Moving party anyone? I’ll even make you some sourdough cinnamon rolls!?


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