"Oh My Stars!" Soup

Stars. Quite literally. In both expression and reality. I have been simmering a pot of bone broth (my first attempt at this!) for about 18 hours now. The health benefits of a long simmered broth are ridiculous. Since we had a left over chicken carcass from the other nights roast chicken dinner, I threw that in a pot with goodies yesterday morning. I have followed a couple of great blog posts on how to do this and why it is so good for you. The Wonders of Gelatin, The Cumulative Time Approach, Basic How-To. Pinterest is full of good resources too- just look up “bone broth.” Excellent. So now, I have tried my hand at it. I used the cumulative time approach linked above because I don’t have a crock pot (yes, it’s true). Anyways. For lunch I decided that I would fish out some carrots, chicken meat and a few cups of broth and toss some little tiny stars into another pan. Violá Chicken Star Soup! I added some additional salt and pepper as well as some parsley. To mine I added some fried garlic (the by product from making some garlic oil earlier for the babys ears). Holy hot tuna it was good.

Simple yet so incredibly nutritious. It feels so good knowing that you are feeding your family so healthy for them. I kept talking about how good it was for us and Leandra like went crazy eating it. She was like “this is SO good mom. It makes us warm all inside.” Love that kid.

There really isn’t a recipe as the possibilities are endless, especially if you have a good quality broth. I had heard that chicken soup can cure anything, and up until this point I had never really felt that was true. Mainly because unfortunately, boxed broths lack the nutrients and gelatin required for healing. That’s all I had ever really made. I am changed now. I will be making more bone broth in the future. I see the light.

So lovely. photo (1)

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    1. Haha! Yes, or at least until I burn something. Rather frequent around here. Hence the tossing of the smoke alarm out the door. 😉

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