Porch progress and a brick skirt [Weekly House Update]

We just got back from going down to the property this morning. We had another couple of days of bad weather this week, but they are still making progress!

Big changes this week:

  • Brick skirt is almost complete; the back and both sides of the house are done
  • The basic framing for the porch is complete, but there is still a good deal to be done
  • The plumbing from the house has been connected to the septic tank

The most exciting items to see was the brick and the porch progress. I’m pleased with construction of the porch so far and the brick really is starting to make the house look more polished. Check out the pictures below!

UPDATE: We had family visiting this weekend and they wanted to drive down to see the property so we drive down again. After we left yesterday they drilled the well and started the trenching and plumbing necessary to connect it to the house!

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