Packing! Almost There!

The day is so close! We got word (shh, don’t tell yet!) that we might be closing by the end of this month! Woot! We are still in the midst of trying to figure out the water filtrating thing, but apparently that doesn’t have to be in place for the final inspection or closing. So that is nice. The only thing we are really waiting on is the power to be connected…they are waiting for a dry couple of days to handle that. So we are close!
I also got a call yesterday from the man who had the woodchips. He is going to deliver two loads of composted woodchips to the property this week. I am beyond excited about that. Who would have thought I would be ecstatic about woodchips! Ha! I was doing a happy dance.
We should know in the next few days what the power connecting plan is! In the meantime…packing.


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  1. WOW!!! I cant believe soon we will sipping coffee looking over aches of green (it will green soon) 😉 and chatting about how it seemed like forever till you got in this house!!!

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