Porch complete [Weekly House Update]

We just got back from a trip down to the land. We were hoping to see the transformer and/or some of the work to bring the electricity to the house, but it still is pending. The porch, however, has been finished. So have the two small decks and stairs in the back. We also noticed a few small finishing touches like the electrical fixtures and some cleaning up around the house.

Another happy story this week is we had some business to carry out earlier in the week and had to stop by the house to talk to one of the contractors. While there we met one of our neighbors and had a good conversation with her. We all felt relieved after the meeting I think. Our neighbor runs a dog rescue where she rehabilitates and helps find homes for dogs and she was relieved that we had no issue with her dogs. On our side, we were relieved that she had no issues with us raising chickens or other livestock. Chickens and goats here we come! lol

And now… the pictures!

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