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I got my first couple of loads of woodchips last week delivered to the property. I found the most excellent resource. There is a man with a tree biz about 6 miles down the road from us! He brought me two loads of chips and basically just charged me for the loading and delivery. I was doubly excited when he told me he had some composted chips. I was hoping to have had some raw chips delivered around January sometime to give them time to breakdown before the spring. However, as it was, the delays on the house have been brutal. But happy for us, he said he had some chips that had been composting for about 6-8 months. AKA- they are ready to be planted in.

For those not familiar with the woodchip method from the Back To Eden Film (which you can view FREE online), it is basically putting a layer of thick woodchips over your existing soil as a covering and planting directly into those. This method is also known to some as “permaculture.” There are some really cool videos on YouTube that show a man who started a project called “Greening the Desert” which is basically using permaculture method gardening to grow stuff that would otherwise never grow.  Anyways. Our neighbor was kind enough to emphasize how bad the soil was, although I am not convinced it is that bad as I saw earthworms when I was out there digging around. I typically use those as an indication of good or decent soil. Either way, using the woodchips should help irregardless of how bad the soil is. (It also can’t be THAT bad because we passed the perk test just fine…)

So here’s what I am thinking.

I think I will start with a garden about 10 x 40 feet. If the amount of woodchips that the guy delivered is correct (about 10 yards) then this should cover this area about 6 inches deep. I am not sure we are going to get this done in time for any spring crops, but I can certainly get my summer garden in on time. I am not really sure what I am going to try to grow first season but I know I am definitely going to do the basics.

  • Tomatoes
  • Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Melons
  • Lettuce

I would also love to plant some flowers because I am yearning for some beautiful arrangements on my kitchen table. Maybe sunflowers or some straw flowers. Ahhh yes.

I am looking forward to getting my hands into some soil.

Here’s the piles!!


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  1. Looks great! Never heard of this method but am interested to see it in action! You gotta try some cucumbers too! We will come help plant if you want just let us know when and we will be there! 🙂 Yay Gardens!!!

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