Houston, we're building a pump house

So we definitely need a water filtration system; both the fellow who put in our well and neighbors confirm the water needs a bit of help. In the process of pricing a system out and locating a contractor to do the work one bit of advice can’t be avoided… we need someplace to put the stuff that is going to filter the water. With a modular home we don’t have a garage (yet) and Erica is not taking too kindly to notion of taking up the laundry room with filtration equipment (I can’t imagine why!).

So with that in mind… the first project of the new house will be building pump house. Which is likely going to happen before we move in. We got the go ahead from the builder to add a lean-to the back of the using the same contractor that built the porch. We could have saved money building it ourselves, but this is one of those scenarios where the bit of extra money is worth the cost. Granted, I really wanted to save the couple hundred bucks in labor. But given how quickly we’ll need the water filtration and how much we’ll be tied up doing other things, I quickly warmed up to the idea.


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