Yard Graded and Power Begun [Weekly House Update]

Fun day with the family! We went down to the property as usual to check up on the progress and saw some very noticeable changes on the property and afterwards we went to the zoo to celebrate how stinking nice it is outside. Excitement over the progress of the house and fun in the sun has made the mood bright in the Monroe house.

Work this week:

  • A half-acre or so around the house was graded and really makes the area look nice.
  • The electricity coming to the house is underway. The bore under the neighbor’s yard looks complete, but the work to get it across our yard and the transformer installed is still in progress.
  • The outside unit for our HVAC system was installed!
  • The wiring to the main circuit panel was completed.
  • The construction dumpster was removed. Nothing makes you feel like you’re getting close like seeing that gone.
  • The gravel driveway has starting to go in. We got to park in our driveway for the first time!

On to the pictures!

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