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I am starting a series of blog posts dedicated to our eating, lifestyle habits, and goals for the future (and maybe even a few soap box topics). I am passionate about health, eating, cooking, and living that I feel the desire to share my discoveries with you. While I claim no expert knowledge on the subject of nutrition, I spend a good deal of time researching and trying to determine the most beneficial way to nourish my family. There are so many philosophies, diets, lifestyles, or whatever you may call them. My goal is not to establish a one-size fits all model as everyone needs different things. However, I do think that at our very basic level we all need the same nutrients. Some of our bodies have been partially destroyed by our eating habits over our years so it may be necessary to “cut out” or “add” things to our diet in order to heal our bodies back to their fullest potential. I am a proponent of what I would consider “radical” diets as a method of healing or detoxing, but not as a permanent lifestyle change. I am also passionate about encouraging people not to get overwhelmed by the massive amount of research and perplexing contradictions that are rampant in the nutrient world! I would like to share with you my basic feelings about food, why I eat what I eat and resources so that you can join in if you want!

I also want to state that this information is merely for you to take it or leave it. I never wish to force my opinions on people, much less make them feel judged or guilty. Please, please, never take my words like that. I cannot promise that I won’t offend because I do hold some strong opinions on certain matters. I am also not here to have a huge debate session, although I love to discuss viewpoints. My goal really is just to share info as I learn it and have a place for myself to come back to as a reference or as a place to direct people to should they inquire! Got it? K, Let’s Go!

So for starters…I just finished reading Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food. This was an excellent read. It is fairly basic and is a good starter book for those interested in a change. A lot of it is common sense and it doesn’t go to political on you, I think we can all agree with its suggestions! The thing I really, really, appreciated about it was how it invited you to regain the enjoyment of food. So often food is just consumed without real thought- and that is at very best. One of the biggest, nastiest ingredients that we often consume as part of our “diet” is GUILT. I am done with guilty eating or not eating out of guilt. It is just not a way to live. Pollan really helped to refocus my passion for cooking and eating and ENJOYING. We were created to enjoy creation. I know that sounds like a terrible sentence, but think about it. It’s true. Otherwise, God would have created us to only like certain foods like dirt or something. We could have been nourished in 1000 other ways- we could have just absorbed nutrients through our skin. Instead we were created with thousands of taste buds and a desire to satiate all of them. Coincidence? I think not. Enough on that subject. Enjoy your food.

My other bone to pick is how deceived we have become. How “domesticated” we have become as a society-basically that we are trained with a certain worldview from birth. If I were to say “I eat a ton of bacteria laden food”, how does that make you feel? Kinda icky I would imagine. Where does that feeling come from? The general idea that bacteria is bad is an ideology that society has adopted. We want nothing to do with anything germ related, we have attempted to create such a sterile environments. More on that later.  All this to say that many of the thoughts and beliefs we have about food is ingrained in us through our society. Most of this is normal, that is just how culture acts on the human brain. The problem is when we rely so heavily on society to inform and educate us. Getting educated and allowing God to open your mind for revelation will greatly increase your ability to decide healthy against unhealthy information (not just about food but in life in general!)

One last paragraph for this intro blog post. I want to share with you our basic food and nourishment philosophy. We try (as in this is always a work in progress) to eat food in its most natural form. In the preparation of food, I try to maintain as much quality and integrity of the food that I can. We also try to source food from known entities- knowing where your food comes from gives you a euphoric appreciation for it. May sound extreme, but when I pay more (yes you do pay more for quality food) for a cut of meat from a local farmer, it has such a beautiful quality to it. I look forward to cooking it and enjoying it. I can allow myself to enjoy it because I know that the farmer who raised it is benefitting from my purchase as well as the fact that the animal was given a humane life. This goes for vegetables as well! I hope to source these mainly from my own garden in the coming seasons, but I even appreciate just knowing where something came from and that it is in its original form.

Just one last quickie note. I also want everyone to rest assured that we are not food Nazi’s. We still eat out and eat at friends’ houses, parent’s houses, etc. We eat as best as we can when we are home and then allow ourselves grace when we are out and about. We have found that certain foods now make us feel ill (mainly processed foods) so we try to avoid those when we are out if we have other choices. Nevertheless, we still have some old weaknesses and when those are around, well we haven’t quite conquered the whole will power thing yetJ. So, all that to say. I would hate for any of my friends and family to feel intimated by us. We are choosing these things for ourselves and no one needs any of that guilt on their plate. K?

I hope you will follow along in this journey!




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