Pump House Begins and a New Dilemma [Weekly House Update]

We went down to the property yesterday, although we didn’t expect much to have changed since Alex just went down on Thursday. The house was locked up so we couldn’t go inside, but it looks complete. The outside looks great and the pump house construction has started. The big news of the day, however, had nothing to do with the pump house.

We found out that the bit of gravel that we have at the very front of the driveway is all that we get.


The poor weather lead to bringing in a LOT of sand to keep the construction going. The result being, the driveway is way over budget (luckily the builder is absorbing this), but it also means there isn’t money for two full loads of gravel as we had originally hoped.

We are not really sure what to do at this point. There is somewhat of a driveway now that consists of sand/clay that was brought in during construction. We are concerned that our two-wheel drive vehicles stand a good chance of getting stuck at least until the sand and clay gets more compacted. Three truck loads of gravel would do it, but that is three truck loads of gravel that eat into the budget for the workshop.

We got some figuring to do… But enough blabbing, below are several pictures of the pump house beginnings.


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