First Project- Pantry Woahs

One would assume that moving into a new home the builders do things right…well should do things right. Not the case in my pantry. I put some stuff on the shelves and they began to sag a bit. I asked Alex to add some more supports to help it not sag. We discussed the options we had for rearranging the shelves and adding and extra one (since there were only three to begin with). After much debate, we decided to go with a entirely different shelf type . I could get a total of 5 shelves and instead of them being 12″ I got 16″. All in all it looks great it was just a hair pulling experience. While Alex was taking down the old shelves he noticed that they were not even attached to studs. Not only that but they were not even ANCHORED to the drywall. Alex literally just pulled on the screws and the shelves came down. Fan-tas-tic.

Anyways, to save you a boring blow by blow account of all the problems he ran into, the project took him all day. All day. I think he finally finished around 9:30pm and passed out on the couch. Lol. My husband is so good to me, knowing that my pantry is probably one of the most important areas for me. The end result is great! I love it and I feel like I am “shopping” in my pantry. So pretty and organized (for the most part!)

Check it out!

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