Starting the Garden

Ive been working on getting the garden in. It’s a good bit of work but I am really going on faith that this is going to bring so many blessings! As I have mentioned in other posts we are following the Back to Eden Film method of gardening. So what I have done so far is laid out my 3-4 layers of newspaper (to suffocate weeds) and put about 6 inches of composted woodchips on top. No tilling needed. These woodchips can be directly planted in and Lea and I planted carrots, beets, lettuce and onions so far. The garden looks so small in comparison to the land but we are happy as it is bigger than we have EVER had!!
It takes so much faith to actually believe that something is going to come of the teeny tiny seeds we planted in such strange material. At least for me, I have always been familiar with the common methods of gardening and planting in dirt not a mulchy type substance.
I think it’s great though, it’s super super lightweight and retains ridiculous amounts of moisture. I even found earthworms crawling in my big piles of chips. So exciting. You know your a country geek when earthworms make you happy. For real.
Anyways, that’s the quick 5 minute update from around the MonroePost homestead. We’re workin on building Alex’s garage-stay tuned for more details on that 🙂

20130504-202714.jpgCute boots eh?

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  1. So exciting ! I know Lea will have a really good time watching things come up too.:-) And yes…love the boots.

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