Garage Building Continued!

Here’s the latest on the garage progress!

The framing is done and the sheathing is done! We had a fantastic weekend. The weather looked like it was going to be rainy all weekend, and we woke up on Sat morning to a total downpour. However, by about 9am, the rain moved out and we had a nice, cool and cloudy day (but no rain!). It did not rain that night at all. Sunday morning we woke up to the sun shining beautifully. The guys worked during church (gasp!) because we needed to finish this project for the weekend so that we could get it inspected. It didn’t rain at all Sunday either! We were super blessed with good weather! We also had the help of some dear friends and Erica’s brothers which was a blessing!

Next up we need to get the tyvek wrap on and the roof felt. Then we can put the siding and shingles on! Getting there slowly!

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