Projects, Priorities, and Pictures [Homestead Update]

I feel like my head is still spinning in circles. SO.MUCH.TO.DO.

Plenty of time…

It’s all just a matter of priority and fighting the “I want it NOW” ‘tude issue. Me with a ‘tude? Never! Anyways. After solving those attitude issues, I am feeling so much peace living in the country. I know I’ve already posted that like 800 times on here. But seriously, my favorite part of the day is watching the sunset. I literally walk around the house looking out every window watching the slow (actually rather fast) descent of the sun behind the tree line on the horizon. Today, we saw something totally cool. I was admiring my new clotheline Alex built me and I looked at the back of our house and saw a bright light through the doorway. The sun was literally dead center in our front door blazing right through the back door. It was pretty cool.

photo 1 (13)

Aside from awesome sunsets and sunrises, full moons, bird chirps, frogs, awaiting the cicadas to hatch-life is pretty slow right now. We are finding peace together as a family. I usually always wanted to go out and do something with somebody (still love all my somebody’s FYI) but now I am perfectly happy to be at home with my family and the life we have created. It’s a long road ahead and already a lot of work, but all the perks are really worth it (except for the day I got stupid sick and had to wait an hour for Alex to get home!)

Alright enough with the mushy stuff. Here’s the homestead update from this week.

-Erica Picked 30lbs of strawberries and froze some and made jam in my new canner. (Christmas present!)

-Alex Built a clothesline (yippee!!)

-Installed a cheap-o, yet usable compost pile out of some chicken wire and stakes.

-Got the garage wrapped, fascia put on and hopefully shingling it tomorrow!

-Researching caring for Runner Ducks for eggs instead of chickens. Dawww aren’t they adorable!?? Gah! I want them bad…but again with priorities. Sigh.

-Praying that my little garden plants will make it! So far I have planted zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and some sweet potato plants I got on super sale! Everything is looking ok, but not growing super quickly or anything. You know how some peoples garden grows like overnight? Seriously. I am really struggling not be to jealous of peoples gardens that are growing better than mine. Never thought I would be jealous of something like that. Oh well…I told myself that this was a “learning year” anyways and not to be disappointed if I got bad results. Still hoping that won’t be the case and I will get a least SOMETHING out of this garden. I feel like I planted my heart in these little plants and if they die…well, ya know. I get sad. N-E-WAYS.

Alright, I’m wiped. Can you tell?

Ya’ll are due for a recipe here soon. I’ll get on that I promise!

Clothesline! 3 rows 30 ft long
Clothesline! 3 rows 30 ft long
Ghetto compost pile. Hey don't judge!
Ghetto compost pile. Hey don’t judge!
Sweet potato mound
Sweet potato mound
Sweet sunset
Sweet sunset



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  1. Everything is coming along very nicely. Baby steps my friend your patience is one of your best virtues! Those ducks are stinking cute…:-)

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