Super Simple Sweet Potato Spectacular

I know you are laughing at my post title. Its pretty epic. So are these potatoes. I love sweet potatoes just about any way they are prepared. Baked, mashed, pie, fries (oh yum), cakes, waffles, etc, etc. So, no doubt I be loving this recipe. Found this recipe in an old, weird, paper, spiral bound book I got fo’ free somewhere. It even had an orange cover. I basically tweaked the recipe to my likin’ (hearing my country twang yet?).

Here goes…


  • Sweet potatoes (use as many as you like-I could eat like 5) naw seriously 2-3 fit in a 12 inch skillet. So plan accordingly.
  • 1 T  PER POTATO (3 potatoes? Use 3 T oil) -cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil (do NOT sub anything else or skimp on this, k?)
  • pinch of salt
  • lil pinch of cinnamon sugar


Peel sweet potatoes.

Slice potatoes in thin rounds (1/4- 1/8 in). Don’t go like paper thin as we are not making chips here, but slightly crispy gooey center rounds. I don’t have one of those fancy mandolin things but feel free to use it if ya got it. Otherwise, please use a sharp knife. (Thanks bro for sharpening my knives for me!)

Heat coconut oil in a skillet. [Word here: I love my cast iron skillet and use nothing else…I haven’t tried this in stainless steel or in non-stick so I apologize if your results aren’t 100% like mine if you don’t have a cast iron…but I recommend you get one. I got this one cuz it was cheap, works great for me. End Word.]

Next, carefully add the sweet potato rounds to the hot oil (not smoking or bubbling just hot). Try to keep a single layer (a few overhangs is ok!) Let them cook on one side for a few mins then flip them and continue to do that process until they start to brown up a bit. I find that my metal spatula works best (not in non-stick obviously though!). Now there is a perfect line between brown delicious and brown burned. Don’t go to the other side of the line. Keep your oil on like medium to prevent oil from getting too hot. You are not really frying these, you are more like pan-frying with a little oil. Also make sure every potato gets enough oil on it.

When it gets looking good add your pinch of salt, sug and cinnamon. Yum, these are so good I usually eat them on the way to the table. If for some reason they don’t turn out good, come on over and I’ll teach ya how to make some. I love these. Hope you do too!!

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