Garage Finished! Garden Growing!

I am happy to announce that the workshop/garage is finished! We are still awaiting on the final inspection, so there may be a few little tweaks here and there. Alex still needs to build all of his tool benches, cabinets, etc but the rest is done!! It feels like forever ago that we started this project and it sure has been a long, hard project. It turned out fantastic though and is going to be a great space for Alex to build me all my requested tables, chairs, cabinets, etc!

Garage is Built!

The garden is finally growing too! It was slow to take off, but I think it is finally getting somewhere! I have my very first zucchini growing! I am so happy and elated that everything didn’t die! I find that it is such a joy to watch something I grow from a small seed mature into an edible, nourishing food! I can honestly savor those first bites of vegetables out of the garden with such great appreciation. I went ahead and bought a few more tomato plants the other day because I just felt like 3 tomato plants wasn’t enough. I wasn’t able to successfully grow my tomatos from seed, but I think that was because I didn’t start the seedlings early enough in the season and I think they went through transplant shock when I planted them. I am learning now! Everything else growing was from seed, with the exception of my sweet potato slips. I also replanted some carrot seeds to see if those will take since I didn’t have luck earlier in the season with those. We will see!!

Other than that we have just been busy with little projects here and there. The next big project on the horizon is the fence! We have bought all the materials for the fence and are just waiting for our farmer friend to come out and plow the land for us. Currently we are about waist high in weeds, so we really need his help to get those weeds under control so we can mow our yard with our mower. The rest he will take care of for us as we talked about in a previous post. But…we are still waiting on that, so fence can’t go up until that happens. Hopefully this week he will have time to do that!!

That’s about it for now!

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