I have some sad news…

Well, I am not really sure how to write this. I am still coming to terms with it myself. I have been through a period of denial and doubt. Hope and disappointment. But I think I really need to let go and move on.

My Sourdough Starter Died.

I like to think that it just died a natural death, painless and uncomplicated. I could not admit that I killed it. Accidentally. Unknowingly. To be honest, I am not sure really what happened. It just doesn’t seem right. Started acting in strange ways that I was not used to. I still haven’t had the heart to dump it yet. I am still hoping that somehow maybe, just maybe it will come back to life!? The resurrection sourdough!!

Or maybe I just need to order some new starter.

Sigh. That was my baby! I worked so hard to get her all grown up and happy. Ayyyeee. I did almost cry a little. I am more sad that I might not know how to live without it for a few weeks until I get a new one.

This is why you should never name your kitchen projects. They die, you cry. Did I mention my Kefir grains kicked the bucket too? Sheesh. I’ve replaced those and the new ones seem happy. Good grief.

ANYWAYS. On a happier note (don’t ever tell my sourdough), I did make some soaked whole wheat bread that turned out fantastically. Prob better than any sourdough loaf I ever made. Or maybe it was because I borrowed my mom’s Bosch mixer for a few days. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and make some bread. I literally drooled watching it knead the bread. If you were not aware until now…I have previously hand kneaded all my doughs. There have been times its nice and relaxing, but most of the time its plain hard work and sucks. And bread never turns out as good. So, I swiped by moms Bosch mixer for a few days to make Ellyjoy’s 1st Birthday Cake and decided to make some bread and everything else I could think of…Ok, so enough about my obsession with the Bosch mixer.

We eat our butter a little cave-man style. Lol
This bread was a little over-achieving on the rising.

Oh oh! One more kitchen-y related cool thing. I finally finished my spice rack!!  Alex bought me my spice jars for mothers day and his Dad built me a custom sized rack for them all. I am in love. Its like a dream! I have always hated digging around in a cupboard for spices, or even in a rack where everything is mis-matched and oddly sized. I buy all my spices in bulk so this is perfect! I am very pleased with how they turned out! I found these awesome labels online and found a sweet font that I really liked! Woohoo!



Well, that’s that folks. Oh, we had a pretty sweet thunderstorm today. Here’s my not-so-saavy panorama of the storm today. Whew it was a biggie!

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