Fence Started and a Garden Update

So much has been going on lately…guess that’s summertime for ya! We finally broke ground for the fence on Saturday. Alex and his Dad dug by hand a few (9) of the fence posts. They sunk each one in concrete. For the rest of the fence (between the 4×4) we have T-Posts. It’s coming together and it is so exciting to even have gotten this little bit done! We got the front section posts in (that’s the picture) then posts to about 96 feet back. In total we have 40 4×4’s to sink and about 80 T-Posts. It’s gonna be a while before this is done!! Nevertheless we are so blessed that we were able to do the fence, we were not sure we could afford it at first!

photo 2 (22)

The garden is coming along nicely. Still slower than I would have liked and hoped, but I got what I wanted…at least ONE thing out of it!! So far we have gotten three zucchini, lots of basil and one cucumber. I am immensely blessed! I probably walk out to the garden twice a day to admire it, pick off the bugs, swat at the mosquito’s and say “Thank You Lord!” I have full confidence that this garden will be much more successful next year as the soil is still trying to rebuild its nutrients from commercial farming. We desperately need some more compost for the garden and need to finish expanding it, even if we don’t plant in it right away. Hopefully some kind of vehicle with a trailer is in the near future soon so we can pick up these needed bulky items!

Tiny little pepper plant, but it’s goin for it!
Heirloom Cuke Plants!
Not real sure yet what this is…a saved seed from some kind of pumpkin from last year!
My wild pumpkin and squash plants!

As far as other news…let’s see…the garage is done! We got the final inspection but never actually heard if we passed or not…so we are assuming no news is good news!

Alex scored an awesome deal on Craigslist last week. We have been in desperate need of a gas powered (cuz no extension cord is going back 300 feet!) weed eater/whacker/trimmer…whatever its called . He saw this gas 4 cycle weed eater on craigslist and the guy said it wasn’t working. To make a long story short- Alex ends up picking the thing up from this guy and the guy lived literally next door to one of our close friends. He pays $25 for a what was once a $250 trimmer. Alex has fixed some small engine type carburetors thingys (ya see how much I know!) before in the past so he was going to chance it and see if he could fix it! So he gets it home and notices that there is no oil in the oil chamber and its bone-dry. Wondering if maybe this was the problem, he puts some oil in it, fills it with gas and miraculously it starts right up and runs great! Thank you LORD for providing this need! AND for only $25!!! This is a right miracle folks!

That’s it for now. Kids are a screamin, mama needs to get a cookin. Oh, BTW, I am loving, loving, all the fresh vegetables this year. This is the first year I have really strived to buy local and I have been hittin up the farmers markets like crazy! I even found a local source (down the street!) for eggs! Love summertime. Love it.

Ok, I’m done!

photo 3 (13)

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