Summer Garden Wrap Up

Just thought I would check in here…been a while. While we have been keeping absolutely busy, its all on the same projects. So nothing too exciting or new. The fence is nearly  done. Maybe a few more Saturdays worth of work. We are incredibly happy with how it is turning out!

My summer garden is pretty much wrapped up. I had to pull all the squash and pumpkins out due to the bad squash bug infestation. I happy with how our yellow squash and zucchini plants did…under the circumstances they grew nicely and we had a nice yield!

The tomato plants are still growing and are finally producing some tomatoes. I am having trouble getting them red however. It seems as soon as they start to turn red, the bugs infest them. Sigh. This is such a learning process!

My cucumber plants are doing surprisingly well…after I thought I would have to pull them out due to cucumber beetle damage, they kinda bounced back and are making some great fruit now! Not the prettiest cuke, but they are a lovely sweet variety.

The pumpkin vines gave me one pumpkin. Cute.

The acorn squash did alright, although I think I had some strange cross pollination issues because of the color they turned out! Haha, well I did save seed from last years squash! Oh well, it tasted good!

A couple of peppers so far…

OHH and SWEET POTATOES! I think I am most excited about those. They are growing nicely and we have even been surprised with a few early ones. There is SO much intense satisfaction digging up a beautiful potato from underground. Leandra has gone nuts over this! She loves it! I think we will be bountifully blessed with sweet potatoes this year. No complaining here!

photo 3 (20)

I’m trying to make preparations for the fall garden, but since I am so new to this all…I don’t really know what I am suppose to be doing. I set some seeds a week or so ago in the garden, but of course they didn’t do anything. I have some seedlings started in the kitchen and I am trying to harden them off better this time…but we will see…not having good luck with either thing really so far…

I am also trying to arrange to pick up some compost and manure and spread over the unused part of the garden for next spring. I desperately need this to happen, but we are still struggling with the whole no truck, no trailer issue. We need a farm truck! Anyone have an extra one??

photo 1 (28)

Hopefully we will have some new projects around the homestead soon to post about!!


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