Hello Fall?

We have been really enjoying some unseasonable weather lately. In the past few weeks we have had the windows open at night and even a few days…it’s been so lovely. The country breeze will never get old. However, it has got me yearning for fall…which is still procrastinating at this week it has been back in the 80’s. I was getting all excited to start cooking fall-ish stuff. Well Summer 2013 you have been serving us well. Even in the dread heat we have been working our tails off trying to make some progress on the homestead. It has been a challenge let’s say that but things are coming together and we are looking forward to some “smaller” projects during the fall.

So, here’s a few things going on around the MonroePost Homestead this week!

Apparently, I can grow sweet potatoes. This is so super duper exciting! Lea and I love rooting around in the garden looking for a sweet potato sticking up out of the ground…and then it’s an adventure to see how it grew and how big it is! I think I got a record breaker this week…check it out…For size comparison, the smaller one would be a more typical sized potato you would buy in the store.

photo 2 (29)

photo 1 (30)

I am also excited because I found a new farmers market down south of us. I found a wonderful Christian family that raises grass-fed beef, pastured pork and chicken. I am on the cow-share waiting list, but I’ve been going down to the market because he sells pork there. Its so delicious and very well priced. I have always had a hard time sourcing good pork products, even finding them is challenging much less the cost! So, I am super happy to have found this lovely farm. BUT, while I was at the market this week there was a sculptor who had some pottery for sale and I got myself a NEW coffee mug! I have been in mourning for months since Lea threw my beloved handmade mug on the floor and broke it. So, finding this new handmade gem lit up my day. There is something about having a “cozy” mug to drink coffee out of. It just tastes better…don’t believe me? Go buy a fancy handmade mug and get back to me 😉

photo 4 (8)

Oh I’ve been fiddling around in the kitchen this week…trying to get some easier, quicker breakfasts pre-made since we are trying to get hubby out the door so early. Now that we have started homeschool with Lea our mornings are pretty routine so having some quick, healthy breakfasts makes life so much easier. So, this week I made a big batch of some delicious English muffins! I didn’t tweak a things, so I’m just giving you my original recipe source instead of posting the recipe…Check out The Elliott Homestead  for some Soaked English Muffins. (Ps-I did just use regular whole milk, not raw as I can’t get that here!). I’m thinking these would make good Christmas Presents…whatcha think?? Maybe I shouldn’t have given you recipe…

photo 3 (21)

In other news, the fence WILL BE DONE ON SATURDAY (God-willing). Hoorray! This has been a HUGE, GIGANTIC project (well with the exception of the garage) and I’m so pleased with how awesome it turned out. My husband is a sheer genius. So yay! Fence! Now…I can start lobbying for my chickens and ducks and my beloved new puppy (ya, right Erica). 

We’re excited for fall to be here! We have tons and tons of trees to plant that our lovely families have been collecting for us. Little saplings they have gathered from random placed. We’ve got some maples, pecans, Japanese maples, oaks, and mimosas (I know, not technically a desired tree). We are also planning our orchard spot and getting it ready for ordering apple trees in January/February time span! So excited about that!

So busy busy here. And when we are not busy we are enjoying roasting coffee on the front porch watching the wild storms blow past! (Ok, so this pic is the backyard, but same idea…)

photo 5 (4)

Come on Fall!

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  1. I would so love to visit the Farmers market down there! The muffins sound great I hope to get into some kind of routine so I can start making more things more frequently but if not I will look forward to my Christmas present ;)… Sounds like you guys are busy little beavers!

    1. Yes baked goods are becoming a Saturday thing…make them for the week and freeze if I can. Market is Saturday from like 9-1. Not huge but it’s got nice stuff!

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