The Fence is Done!

Huge accomplishment today! We finished the fence…it only took…oh like 3 months of Saturdays. There are some finishing touches we would like to add in time, like a few more gates for access to our back pasture. But for now…40 4×4 posts dug by hand (well with a post hold digger, but you get my drift) and concrete poured and 80 T-posts driven in. I am not sure of the exact numbers but I think we are at about 500 ft of wire fencing stretched. It makes it feel like a real homestead though. While the fence only encompasses a small fraction of our 5.5 acres, it is more than enough to get started living on! I cannot wait to get the big huge garden of my dreams…oh what a day. Next week we are starting tree planting and moving the garden bed.

Fall is coming and cool weather will mean a lot less sweat involved in all of this!



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