Wheat Week 1 and a Few Garden Goodies

Since I know you all think I am mostly crazy, I thought I would share my journey of growing wheat with you. I know…just what you care to read first thing in the morning. Haha.

Oh well.

We were gone for this past weekend and I was anxious to get home to check on my wheat to see how it was doing. We got home and and it was pitch black night, so I had to wait until the morning. Mornings haven’t been as glorious around here since the whole “it’s still dark outside when I have to wake up” time of year is here. I personally hate that. We should all awake when the sun comes up. Also, the fog has been so heavy lately, I haven’t seen a sunrise in a few weeks. Sigh. At least that was one of the beautiful things to look forward to in waking up before God created us to. (That’s my two cents at least!). There is still coffee…unless like this week, we ran out. It’s been a rough couple of days. Do you hear me? No coffee, no sunrises. Cold feet. Headaches. Cranky kids.

We were suppose to be talking about wheat. Oh yah. So, yesterday as soon as the sun did finally find it’s place high in the sky making our backyard less freaky (because who likes to walk out in the dark fog? Nah me) I went out and checked on the wheat. Oh goody goody gum drops its growing! The blades of wheat were wet with little droplets of dew and the air smelled of country freshness. Alright, I’ll admit I wrote that last line just to make sure you were still following…and to make sure you were fully convinced of my nuttiness. Either way, it’s looking great! I am happy! There are a few bare patches that I might go back and re-seed but overall, I think we’re looking good. I need to get a bale of hay and cover this wheat to help protect it from the coming winter. Anyone want to bring me a bale of hay? I am imagining strapping that onto the top of my granny car. Hilarious. Like the time I picked up compost in Rubbermaid containers and put them in my trunk. Classic.

Anyways, here’s your photos for the day.

Wheat Week 1
Wheat Week 1

And now for a few garden goodies…

Garlic Shoot
Garlic Shoot!
Lettuce Almost Ready for Harvesting!
Big bowl of basil for dehydrating! Still coming!

Stay tuned!!

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