A Kitty Turns 4!

Haven’t posted in a while! Darn Holidays…so busy. Not really, darning them that is…I am so thankful that we are able to celebrate these wonderful things. Like Birthdays! “The Cat” turned 4 and we gave her a whisker lickin good party. Hmmm. Maybe wrong choice of words. It was a purr-fect party. She had fun whatever we decide to call it!

photo 4

To start her day, Alex took the day off and took her out for a date. They went for coffee and a treat at the mall, and then went to the Ice Palace that had just opened. Apparently Lea was not too impressed with the snow as it was not “cold”. Someone told her it was just “rice paper” snow and she proceeded to tell me that when she got home. I asked it what the snow was like and she replied “Well, it wasn’t really snow, it was just rice paper.” No fooling that kid. We won’t even talk about her seeing Santa…hahaha. Then Alex took her out for lunch. She had a blast with daddy.


All her friends came over in the afternoon for some kitty carnival games and kitty snacks. We played pin the tail on the cat, mouse toss (into wood cut out like swiss cheese), mouse hunt, and daddy got out the tractor and did some hay rides.


For snacks we had gold fish, cheese cubes, fruits and veges. The kids all got to eat their snack out of a kitty food bowl. Hahah, that was classic. Lea picked to have cupcakes as a treat! As the kids were leaving, they each got to adopt a kitty. They were given a certificate along with some kitty treats (Kit Kat bars and a clementine orange). Way too cute.

photo 2

Later in the evening we had all the family down for pizza!

Lea had a blast…to the degree that the next few days she was in recovery mode (AKA-Not enough sleep grouch mode). It was worth it and it was memorable! I know this might not be the most exciting blog post you ever read, but I wanted to remember this! So, alas, here it is.

 Happy Birthday to My First Born! I love you Kitty!



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