"It's Begining to Smell a lot Like Coffee"

Everywhere you go…

Ok, so I might have a little too much Christmas spirit in me at the moment. Never a bad thing right? Unless it happens to be 75 degrees outside on December 6th. Which is what it is. December 6th, and 75 degrees. Does make for a little damper on your Christmas moods. I mean, I’m reaching for the iced sweet tea and indulging in my bad dental addiction-chewing on ice. Don’t spank me.

What I SHOULD be reaching for in these supposed cold winter months is Coffee. Ah yes. Freshly roasted, freshly brewed, dark, hot, belly warming goodness. I may or may not also have a bad addiction to hot black beverages as well. Funny. Ice and coffee. Like total opposites. Unless of course you combine the two. The iced coffee inventor should be kissed. He probably is. AND he probably hates coffee AND ice. Cuz ya know….have you ever been into a coffee shop and asked the opinion of the barista on a good cup and they are like “well I don’t actually drink coffee.” Say what?  Its like the skinny chicks (sorry, I’m not trying to stereotype) who work at like Five Guys hamburger joint and when you ask them about the burger they are like “I’m actually a vegetarian and have never tried our sandwiches.” Right. “Double cheeseburger with bacon” I’d say. Not that I eat there very often. Maybe once a year. Don’t want ya’ll thinking I’m addicted to cheeseburgers too. Just cheese and bacon.

So what was this post about again? Oh right coffeeeeee. (It’s getting late so it’s been a while since I’ve had some…ya know?)

So we’re making the plunge! We are going to start (very small I shall say) roasting coffee for family and friends to see how it goes. As most of you know, our dream and goal is to get a larger commercial sized roaster, plug that baby in and roast us some big time orders. You know, get all technically a business and stuff. It’s a hard process and will take a significant amount of investment…but we are excited that it might happen someday! I’m excited. Can you tell?

If you’d like us to roast something for you and are looking for a specific variety of coffee…let us know! We have lots of connections to get lots of different origins! We try very diligently to order the green coffee beans from trust worthy companies who can give us information about the farm that it came from. We make it a point to buy Fair Trade or Socially Sustainable coffee as well as organic. I feel that I can get behind what I offer to others because I know that I am treating everyone in the line with integrity and dignity. For me, that’s worth the extra few bucks! Know where your food comes from!

Alright. So that’s that.

December 6, 2012. One year ago! On a COLD day.

And in case you needed (which of course you don’t) any further convincing that you should try out some coffee…our customer support central answering system is excellent.

(Also taken one year ago)

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  1. Too cute! Im sure I will understand her better than some of the other call centers out there. You had me laughing good with this post! lol Get some rest. lol

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