Happy Valentines Day to My One and Only

I thought it would be appropriate on this day of love to share with you my affections for a certain someone. My heart is full of love for him each and every day. I thought I would share the top 10 reasons why I love him so.

1. He is so giving
2. He is forgiving
3. He never complains about not being fed on time
4. He is always rising to the challenge
5. He is so bubbly
6. He scent can take you away and make you dream of happy things
7. He smells even better when he gets hot
8. He is satisfying
9. He is enjoyable

And finally…
10. He makes the BEST pancakes.

Meet Sowie.
I don’t believe I have introduced him to you yet. He has been maturing for a couple of months and is at peak performance lately. Which makes my life oh-so-delicious and nutritious. Like I said above, he really is so giving…making my breads rise , making my muffins, pancakes, waffles, english muffins, crepes, biscuits, facial masks (ok kidding) & just being overall a joy to care for.

So on this Valentines Day, I want to wish you, Sowie, my beloved sourdough starter, a day of love. And thank you for providing us with lovely heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. (Which I did not capture a photo of due to how quickly they were consumed.)


PS- In case you are concerned about me (which you probably are by now), my real true loves in my life are very secure in my love for them and are not insulted by my public display of affection for my starter here on the blog. Just so you know. In case you wanted to know. But you’re prob just shaking your head anyways. Oh wellll….

PPS- Sowie is very fertile and always has babies up for adoption in case you wanted your very own starter baby. Apply in the comments that you would like to adopt some starter.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Show someone you love them today! And I give you permission to fall in love with yeasts and bacterias.

2 Replies to “Happy Valentines Day to My One and Only”

  1. still shaking my head. you weirdo. well at least I know that if my unnamed starter should pass away (God forbid!), I won’t be lonely forever. 🙂


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