Opportunities. There are so many to be had. What do you do with an opportunity that presents itself? Well, recently for us we made a big leap of faith! We jumped on an opportunity to grow our coffee business!

Well, this cat has been out of the bag for a while now, but as normal, I am just getting around to updating the blog. We bought a larger coffee roaster! It is not our dream coffee roaster, but it is a step towards it! With our smaller home roaster we were just not able to keep up with the demands for coffee and really wanted to expand our business. We found this roaster and for the price, we just couldn’t pass it up. We are now able to much better accommodate our personal needs for coffee, our church coffee ministry and also friends and family!

So what does this mean for YOU? Opportunity! It means you should put an order in for some coffee. We are working (even if slowly) to get this coffee business off the ground. We have lots of hopes and dreams. But we need your help! Spread the word and share the bean love.

For us, coffee is more than just a quick cup of morning wake-me-up Joe. I mean, thats a good bit part of it (come on-mom of three littles can’t lie here)…Coffee is a passion of ours. For something so humble as a cup of black liquid, the significance it has on so many lives is incredible. Unfortunately, like many things we eat or drink, we have lost the personal aspect of it. We have lost the heart and soul of the cup. Most coffee on the market has no traceable origins. I will not name call here, but we all know the popular brands, and there is no way that you will ever know where those beans came from. It would be like trying to find out what farm the wheat was grown on to make our beloved American boxed treats. But it is this way with most things isn’t it? Even the clothing on your back has no name or face attached to it. It’s really a sad reality. Someone, somewhere, is working (and probably highly underpaid) to grow the crops that are needed to make OUR clothing (I can take blame here too). I can never say thank you.

I love the Spring and Summer time when the farmers markets are in full abundance. Not only am I gifted with the loveliness of fresh produce, but I am given opportunity. Opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for growing these for me to enjoy. Even my own garden provides opportunity. I can partake in one of life’s greatest miracles…the ability to watch a seed grow into something magnificent that nourishes my body. Thank you. Now if only I could grow a coffee plant…

Back to coffee. Lest I make you feel guilty for drinking the unmentionable named coffee, I’d like to offer you our alternative. We make the changes where we can. We move ever so progressively as we are given knowledge and resources. Buying local allows you to make those connections and meet a face associated with a product. It’s unbeatable. We do our best to order coffee from suppliers that give us a face. We want to know about the farm where these precious living plants are growing. Who is tending these for me? How are those persons being treated? Thankfully, we have found a few suppliers of green coffee beans that can tell us a little bit about the farms where the coffee is grown. This information is very comforting. I know that I am buying a raw product from someone who can verify that the farmers are being paid fairly. We are not in a position at this point yet to import our own coffee (as import costs are very very high and you have to order in mega quantities), but it is great to have connections to those who share our same conviction-that is to treat every individual with integrity. We also feel strongly that coffee should be grown without the use of chemicals. The land that we have been given to tend deserves to be treated with respect as well. Many organic coffee farmers are very skilled in their trade and put in countless hours tending to their crops to ensure a safe and incredible tasting bean. That being said, some farmers choose not to label organic since it is such a rigorous process and costs so much. Nevertheless, they use the same principals and we don’t mind supporting those farms either.

Green coffee beans
Green coffee beans

So. That’s a lot of blab to digest. The point of all of this is to hopefully encourage you to want to buy some coffee that you can feel safe about drinking. You can know families in other countries are being given a fair wage and are being encouraged to continue in growing coffee in a way that nourishes the land and in return gives you and me a healthier cup. AND you are supporting a local roaster which helps fund our little homestead. Seems like a win, win, win to me. Haha. Ok. Enough of my shameless plug.

Oh you want the details?

We sell by the green/unroasted pound (which comes out to 12-14oz roasted) for $10-12 depending on the variety. Our current stock will be listed in the Coffee page…Or if you want to check now, click here.

Opportunities are plenty. We hope you decide to share in some of ours!

Thank you. 



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