Coffee Biz Update: The Water Works

Well we have officially gathered as much information as we need to move forward in building the coffee business. In my last post about starting the business, I mentioned the need to meet with various inspectors, etc. I won’t go into the nitty gritty but here’s where were at.

  1. We MUST have plumbing into our coffee roasting area (which is going to be a portion of the garage sectioned off by walls).
  2. This plumbing must drain into our existing septic tank.
  3. Drain to septic tank must be gravity flow
  4. 3 sinks are required in the structure (hand washing, utensil, and sanitizing sink). Utility sink in house will serve as “mop sink”.
  5. Hot AND cold water are required to the sinks.

Wham. Wham. Wham. Geeze o’ pete. That’s a lot of requirements to run an operation that basically generates no mess and uses no “utensils.” Alas, rules are rules. We are not entirely intimidated by them…except for one. The gravity flow issue. Yah. You see our septic tank is pretty far up, I guess due to the water table or something. If you have seen our backyard, you know what I’m talking about. It looks bojangled. The garage is sitting downhill from the septic tank and therefor there is no water gravity flowing in that direction. Rats. Our only option here (unless we wanted to spend like 10 grand) is to put the plumbing line above the ground. We would then bury it, but it would leave a nice hill in the backyard. Not terrible as we already have one of those “hills” from the line that comes from the house. It’s hard to explain. Nevermind, I’ll post a picture someday. For now, we can make it work…it’s just a pain in the boot.

However, we have been cleared by county zoning, the health department and the local FDA…so we’re good to move onward. We need a plumber however, that can help us connect to the existing system. Preferably one that would take coffee as payment, or perhaps a load of zucchini. Lol.

We also have to make some major renovations to the garage in order to get this all to work. So we’re now accepting applications for those who would like to donate their manual labor. Hey we might pay you back in beans.


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