Why I Chose Young Living Oils Series: Reason 1

I have a tendency to question everything. Literally. My husband will confirm that if you doubt me. When it comes to big decisions, I spend countless hours reading, wrestling with my thoughts, doubting, confirming, second guessing, until I finally reach a decision. Sounds like a laborious process doesn’t it? I guess, being a stay at home mom without a lot of adult conversations happening on a daily basis, I rely on my obsessive desire to learn more as my means by which I prevent my brain from going to mush. I like to research and pretend that the laundry pile isn’t growing by the minute (can I get an amen?). I admit, I am also a bad decision maker. I make decisions I regret, and then have to deal with the consequences. I beat myself up “if only I had researched more”. I really want you guys to know that I strive to be a really honest person, so that’s why I am spilling my beans here. Or guts rather…probably some beans in there too.

So all that to say, that as with most things in my life, essential oils was one of those things I majorly researched before jumping on board with a company. There are a ton of companies that sell essential oils. There is a lot of heated debate as to who is the best. I have no desire to company bash or play the comparison game. I just want to share why I love what I picked!  I have read more info and articles than I care to admit to myself. I even lost sleep over it a few nights. I guess I just wanted to be 100% I was totally convinced before I shared anything here. Ya know? But hey that’s just me. Not everyone has the “I need to read everything” bone in their body and that’s OK!! Nevertheless, I know I appreciate condensed versions of information…as does my hubby. So I am partly writing this for him…so he can know what’s going on in my brain without a huge divulge of info all at one. Let’s see if I can actually “condense” it…ya’ll know how wordy I tend to be…I decided to split the post into multiple posts for this very reason…so you don’t have so much to chew on all at once. You’re welcome. So, let’s get do this!

Reason #1: “The Known Factor”

Ya’ll know how much I love my homegrown veggies right? I mean, I do talk about them all the time on here. Or how about my failed attempt at growing wheat? My beloved sourdough? I know where all these things came from!! So, in regards to the essential oils, I am referring to this as the “known factor”. Young Living has a wonderful guarantee on their oils called Seed to Seal (really cool videos on that site if you get a chance to check it out!). Basically, what this means is that they can track the progression of the plant from it’s seed all the way to bottle of oil. They accomplish this by OWNING their own farms throughout the world. In addition, they have some partner farms that they work closely with to ensure these practices are replicated as they would be on Young Living farms. Young Living also distills all of the oils from their own farms. This is amazing. They open their farms up to the public if anyone wishes to participate in the harvest or distill of the oil.


Young Living uses their own propriety weed and pest control using their very own essential oils, neem oil and castile soap.  I appreciate their honesty in their approach to weed and pest control. This is a subject near and dear to my heart as I struggle every year in the garden fighting off these very things! They use sustainable farming practices and treats the land and the plants with integrity. The founder of Young Living, Gary Young, is brilliant when it comes to soil composition, climate, altitudes, and other environmental factors that come into play when trying to grow plants that display very high therapeutic compounds. And the cherry on top of this?! They use worm castings for compost. Remember my story about trying that?

If you are wondering (because I wondered myself) my stance on “wildcrafted” oils…basically oils that are distilled from plants that are grown in the wild. I have a couple of quick thoughts. Wild is not always better. I never consume “wild caught” fish from China. The wild strawberries that grow in my ditch are not very tasty. That’s just me. I am not trying to be petty here. Please hear me out. I am all for wild things growing (compost squash anyone?), but unless it’s coming out of my backyard, the “wild” factor doesn’t really entice me. Here’s why.

  1. How I do I know where this wild plant was harvested from? What if it was in an area of croplands that was heavily sprayed with something? And even if it WAS verified to come from a clean area…read on.
  2. Wild is not necessarily sustainable. There is a HUGE demand for oils right now. True Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) oil originates from the high altitudes in France. There is not possibly enough wild lavender to supply the whole world with this oil. Nevertheless, there are a lot of companies selling wild-crafted lavender oil. Something just doesn’t add up for me there. Young Living is the largest grower of True Lavender. Young Living is committed to sustainability and is growing, harvesting and replanting these plants constantly. Read more about True Lavender in the article titled “The Royal Return“. That is just one oil!

This is just one of the many reasons I am really, truly happy with my oils. I get to KNOW this information! I appreciate expertise, as I am pretty sure I could never grow therapeutic lavender in my backyard! I hope you will stick with me through this series! I value your feedback and comments or questions!!If you are interested in more information visit my Essential Oils page here on the site!

Post image courtesy of Young Living. 

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