Coffee Biz Update: I've Got the Power

You read that right. Oh boy…we have been waiting for this day for a LONG TIME. I can’t even remember when we started running power to the garage…but I am pretty sure it was last fall. Wow. That took a.very.long.time. But as of August 30th, 2014, HOUSTON WE HAVE POWER!! Big thanks to my Dad, and Paul for getting this thing DONE. Phew. My dear sweet husband can now plug in his table saw in the garage without having to run a 75′ extension cable from the house. If you can’t tell I am beyond excited about this. We have LIGHTS in the garage (no longer hanging flashlights from the rafters to work in the dark.) Doesn’t everyone work in their garage after dark…or is that just us crazy country folks?

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So…that’s big news on the coffee front too! Means we can actually power our roaster, run an a/c unit, turn on a light, and listen to music…ALL at the same time. Like whoa. Ok, I’ll stop with the dramatics and the all-caps. In case you are wondering what kind of crazy electrical set-up we gots going on out there…I might have to leave that post to the Wise One. It’s something like a subpanel with 60amp circuit, with like 220v plugs…or something. I’ll stop now, lest I make myself look entirely dumb.

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We have also finished all the insulation…eww, thanks Alex’s Dad for handling that bear of a job. Finally, we got the ceiling dry-walled. I actually helped with that. I’m not trying to brag or anything, I am just making a note that I did help. And it was hard. Really hard. Not sure my arms have ever burned so hard trying to hold something heavy above my head for that long. Someone sympathize for me, please…I know my husband won’t…He works this hard all the time! Nevertheless, ya’ll better believe I was soaking in my Epsom salts that night.

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I think that’s about the round up for this week. Power, insulation, drywall. Tons accomplished! We have been blessed with so much help…but there’s always room for more! And, we pay in beans!

What’s next? Plumbing. This is going to be a bear. (As if the other isn’t!) We have decided to do a sump pump instead of the above ground gravity fed pipe like we originally considered doing. This means digging a big trench, jackhammering part of the concrete floor, etc. Thankfully, we are blessed with talented friends and family so we are escaping all of this without the cost of hiring anyone.

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I look over these things…sometimes I question why are we doing this? For us, it has kind of been an Abraham journey. We don’t see the big picture and how this is going to go. God has lit the path only for the next step. We have big dreams for this business, but they all seem so overwhelming in light of where we are and how far we have to go. In the meantime however, we are taking steps in faith in the direction of FORWARD. The journey has taken a lot of courage, but we are confident that He who has begun a good work will bring it to completion (Philippians 1:6).

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