Summer Projects Wrap & a Winter Plan

I run my life on lot’s of to-do lists and goal scheduling. It feels so incredible to write down a list and then check things off. Ahh sweet checkmarks. So for my own peace of mind and satisfaction I present to you my summer project check list…and that which was checked off.

  1. Put in vehicle gate to back yard (for mulch/sand/wood) deliveries. 
  2. Build kids a playset and sandbox. 
  3. Build the kids the “Ultimate Slip and Slide”.
  4. Put gutters on the house
  5. Can LOTS of tomatoes
  6. Begin renovations to garage for coffee roasting business.

Wow, that was a crazy summer that actually merged into fall…hence why I don’t have any fall plans. I’m tired.

Winter plans. Well…I’d like to say I’m going to cozy up and never venture outside. There are a few things on the list.

  • Christmas Vacation!! It’s been over 5 years since we have ventured to Michigan to visit the rest of our family. We are looking forward to taking the kids to the “real snow”.
  • Insulate well pump. (Froze last year=not fun)
  • Organize House
  • Spread mulch for next years garden
  • Research apple tree pruning
  • Roast lots of coffee

That sounds do-able. Doncha think?

Alright ya’lls. Sorry for this terribly boring post. It was kinda a brain-dump kind of night. I promise more exciting things soon. In the meantime…Go buy some coffee.


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