What’s New on the Homestead

Since it has been so long since we have seen any updates on this here bloggy, I thought we’d do a little mini tour of some new additions!

Square Foot Gardens!

After the past three years of struggling with gardens (read: WEEDS), we finally made the decision to scale it way back and do some raised bed gardening. The hope is that the weeds won’t be AS aggressive…between the crabgrass and dandelions were over our head for organic gardening. So here we are. We have started with 4 garden beds that are 4ft by 8ft. We plan to add a good bit more and fence them in…potager style. My pinterest boards might be loaded with ideas and some drool on the keyboard.

So far I have transplanted our 3 year old strawberry plants into the first garden. Alex kept mowing over them, so I decided they needed a safe and better home. Maybe the bunnies will stay out of them now too. :/ We have a spring garden, summer garden and sweet potato garden planned for the other three. If this darn weather would make up its mind about what season it would like to be, I’d get planting…

Furry Updates

In animal news…since we were just mentioning bunnies (yes we still have Polly Puff Puff the indoor bunny)…we added a big homestead pooch to the chaos. Snowflake Bentley joined our family in January…all couple pounds of his Goldendoodle sweetness. He’s learning the ropes well. He’s a pro at trash picking, Kleenex chewing and voracious licks. We’re also hoping and planning to start raising ducks next year. It’s been on the desire list for a few years but we just haven’t had the time to build the coop!

Fruit Trees

The orchard is coming along nicely. We have a nice set of apple trees, plum & apricot trees. They are blooming right now and that is my favorite time of year. Love the little blossoms that smell so divine.  They are not fruiting yet…hopefully next year! The blueberry patch is limping along. Haven’t harvested much from those as the birds seem to find them before us…or maybe its a certain 2 year old boy. Problem has not been confirmed, but we are going to try bird netting this year. Unfortunately, that won’t keep out the sneaky snacky kids. We have a blackberry vine and grape vine taking over the back fence. I love it! Someday we will actually get fruit off of those…oh the waiting process is brutal.

Miscellaneous Randomness (aka Erica’s Typical Thoughts)

We finally broke down and bought a zero turn mower. The angels are singing. Previously it took us a good 3-4 hours AT LEAST to mow the yard. With the new beast we are down to under an hour for all of it. Hello Saturdays again. We have been so overwhelmed with mowing these past few summers we really haven’t had the time to devote to the gardens and other projects. So our hope is that with this new addition we will see more productivity on the ol homestead. Or maybe you’ll actually see us at the beach this year!

Oh did I fail to mention the newest homestead hands? Zach was born in April of 2016!! Already coming up on a year old already! Oh how time flies when you’re on a monkey farm.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering about Sowie the infamous sourdough…if you have read the blog at all you know the trials and tests we have been through together. Sowie had a long, very long, vacation frozen away in the freezer. He has recently been brought back from his cryogenic state, however, he has yet to preform any monumental tasks such as bread baking. Hopefully in the next few weeks he will make a much better come back and recover from being neglected in the freezer for over a year. I know this may come as a shock to some. It’s gonna be OK. I promise…

Alright friends. Until next time…


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