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Thanks for stopping by! We are a family passionate about learning and adventure! We made the leap out of city life and deep into the country on 5 acres of land. We still really have no idea how to do this country life, but we are learning!

Alex and Erica met through a mutual friend back in the day. After a rather strange friendship, we started dating. We dated for 1 month before getting engaged and then got married 5 months later! We honeymooned in Seattle because of our mutual love for coffee. Our first born was a pup and we named her Seattle aka ‘CeCe’ after our beloved honeymoon location. Then we had our first child, Leandra in 2009. Our next angel, Elyse, was born in 2012. Our first son, Micaiah, was born in 2014. Our second son, Zachariah was born in 2016. We also have various named cultures in our kitchen, such as sourdough starter “Sowie” and Kombucha “The Booch”.

While we desire to be eventually be a self-sufficient family, Alex still works away from home as a computer techie. Erica stays home with the kids, homeschooling and running businesses.

We have developed a small family coffee roasting business, so you if you love freshly roasted coffee be sure to check us out at SignPost Coffee.

Thanks for checking us out. We hope you are inspired to try something new!

We’d love to hear from you so please leave us a comment and tell us what you would like to learn about!


2 Replies to “Family”

  1. Hi Alex and Erica,
    I think either one of you would have been my next child had I not had my tubes tied after Becky. So, consider me Grandma Carol to your kids and include me in future posts cause I love the radish story ( I know we share some genes cause my radish growing history in Chesapeake VA is so similar). Love buy fresh buy local and am trying to educate aging husband to trend but with little success (he hates green food!).

    1. Hi Carol! So glad to have you here!! Too funny about our shared radish failures. It usually takes me a few tries to get things right. We’ll see. I’m on trial #2 now. Hopefully you can win your husband over to the greens world someday…nothing like fresh kale out of the garden!

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