Our Homestead

Monroe Family here! We’re not afraid to try new things which is why we recently moved out of the city in the country and bought ourselves a 5.5 acre homestead. We don’t know a thing about farming, orcharding, or raising livestock (unless you count raising kids-hah). Which is why we are embarking on this adventure! We love to learn!

Our dreams of having a home built on a piece of land started a few years ago. We went through a pretty rough period of time after buying a home early in our marriage (note: at the peak of the market!) and then deciding to sell it (after the market tumbled). Needless to say we thought our dreams of home ownership were over for a while. Through a series of God-driven events, we ended up being able to consider buying again. We had only dreamed of having this much and the thought that it is reality now is still blowing our minds! God is good. We know that full well and are not ashamed to give him the Glory for His faithfulness to provide our needs and even our hearts desires!


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