A Big Announcement!

We have an announcement….

Wait. Hold up. I know what you are thinking…

Another sourdough? Really Erica? I know, I know. I am a little obsessed with sourdough…or lack thereof because I seem to keep killing my starters. ::Cry::

But no, actually that’s not what I called your attention for to write about. I also felt the need to make up for my last incident of bait and switch blog post titles which left some of you very upset. Forget which one that was? Here ya go…“I have some sad news…”

Ya…now you remember. Haha. I secretly reveled in the fact that that particular night we got the most hits on our blog that we have gotten yet. /Blush/ Sorry to have scared you like that. I really should have apologized about that by now.

ANYWAYS. So, I promise this announcement really is true, and has nothing to do with sourdough. Sniff. 

Wait for it…

We are adding another homestead helper to our family! Yes, MonroePost Version 3 coming in April of 2014.

You can clap now…phew, see…I didn’t lie!

Yes, our sweet little pinto bean was quite the surprise this time around. We are feeling blessed and happy beyond measure of course! Lea is very excited and Elly is, well, 14 months so about as excited as one could be at her age.

So there ya have it.


In other news…we had quite the lovely series of sunsets and moons around here. Tonight was a Harvest Moon and it was incredible. As was this mornings sunrise. So I’ll leave you with happy news in your heart and some lovely pictures of the ol ‘stead!







Gardens, Garages, & Clouds

You know when we are quiet here on the blog we are busy around the new homestead with the various tasks at hand! Sorry to leave you hanging. Alex started building his garage last Saturday and it is coming along quite nicely. We had a nice crew of guys (Dads and brother) working and they have gotten footer dug and foundation poured as well as constructed all the walls. This coming weekend we will finish paneling the walls and put the roof on! Yay! We were blessed with some amazing weather on Saturday and dodged storms throughout construction. We did have a couple of quick pours later in the evening after they wrapped everything up. It was an awesome day.

photo 1 (10)

photo 4 (3)

My garden is coming along. Although, I feel like I planted my heart and I am anxiously awaiting the seeds I planted to sprout. I went out this morning and found one teeny tiny little green sprout (I think it was a beet). I literally felt my heart leap! Gosh, this gardening stuff requires such faith and trust. It is so outside of my control. I did plant a few seedlings that my mom gave me and those are thriving nicely. I also started some tomatoes, eggplants and marigolds in some egg cartons and those are sitting on the kitchen table. My marigolds have sprouted already! I am just praying for a harvest of something this year, I would be so blessed to have produce from my own garden!

We are loving this new, quiet, slowed down, life so much! Its so amazing to watch the sunset every morning out the kitchen window. Watching the sunset on the front porch. Watching the thunderstorms blow in and then blow out again. It’s crazy. The views are just incredible. I feel so inspired to cook, clean, garden, & pray! The girls are loving it too. We call Lea our mud-bug because she LOVES to play in the dirt and mud. I am SO THANKFUL for my mudroom/laundry room with the door to outside…that is a sanity saver. Most days she is bathing twice a day because she has covered herself in mud. I will be glad when we can finally get some grass growing in the mudpit outside!

Check out these awesome pictures!