Snapshots of Moments- A Tour of Our Life in 2013

Goodbye 2013. You brought so much change, hope, love, laughter and hard moments. It is so easy to neglect all that we have done and accomplished in light of how much there is yet ahead for the next year. So, for my own sake I thought I would write at least one moment for each month of 2013 that stood out. Here’s our 2013 Journey.

January 2013

Alex goes on his first ever Missions Trip to the Dominican Republic with a group of men. They built a pole-barn structure for a YWAM camp.

DR Jan

DR Jan 2


This month brought lots of trips back and forth checking our the progress of our new home being built. We had hopes of moving in as early as Feb but it didn’t happen.

House Feb


Elyse’s First Easter! The girls even had matching dresses and coats!

March Easter


April brought our long awaited moving day into the new house!! April 16th we were given the keys and we promptly drove “Home”.

Moving April 16

Moving april 16 2


We got moved in and then instantly got running on two feet! We started building the garage for Alex to store all his man-tools in! Oh…and Elly also ate her first hot wing at her Uncle Nicholas’ birthday party!

May Garage

May Elly


With all kinds of left over building materials from the garage…we built our first bon fire. Yes, marshmallows were involved 🙂

June Campfire


We celebrated our baby girl turning the big One! We also harvested our first zucchini out of the small garden we started as soon as we moved in.

July Elly Bday

July Zuchini


Wow, this was an exciting month! We found out we were going to be adding a new addition to the Monroe household! A new farm-hand! We also got started (and finished) building the fence that surrounds our “back yard”.

Aug Baby Annc

Aug Fence Building


This was a fairly quiet month. We needed some respite from the crazy summer projects. Little projects here and there and finishing up loose ends. Lea is practicing taking care of babies in an effort to get ready for her coming baby brother. And we continued to enjoy our country views…


Sept Views


Got the fall garden going, although it didn’t amount to much as it turns out. We also got our wheat planted and some garlic planted. Most exciting is that we harvested our summer crop of Sweet Potatoes. That was a blast!

Oct Sweet Taters


Gearing up for the wintertime. Winterizing all the mowers and such. Just random projects here and there around the homestead this month. Not much you feel like doing when its starting to dip into the 30’s and 40’s. But…that’s why we have a fireplace! We tried out the fireplace in the den for the first time!

Nov Fire place


Welcome Christmas!! Our First Christmas in the new home! That was fun and exciting! We haven’t had a live Christmas tree in a few years now since we’ve been moving around so much. It was refreshing to have a real tree this year! We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas time off (except for a few days of sickness!).



That’s it! What a lot we accomplished in a year! New houses, new babies, new memories! We are looking forward to 2014 with anticipation of what is to come this year. I have big hopes and dreams, hopefully I will get some time to sit down and write those out so we can look back again in 12 months!

For now…Welcome 2014!! 


The first few days…

Well we moved in on Saturday! We were immensely blessed with so much help. The furniture was all put together by Saturday night so we were able to sleep in peace. We awoke to a beautiful sunrise and spent Sunday unpacking and working outside a bit. Things are still a pretty big mess and we have a lot of work ahead of us! We might not be as attentive to the blog for a few weeks, I am sure you will understand. 🙂

We're There! Well…Almost. [Weekly House Update]

Well, we did finally close yesterday, as expected. Although the process was terribly long and painstaking. We almost did not close due to an error and a document that was missing from the closing paperwork. Thankfully, the bank allowed us to continue with closing as long as that paper was completed by Friday, so hopefully all goes well with that (out of our hands!) We had to wait around for about 3 hours to close…sitting in an attorneys office. Thankfully, Lea was with Oma but the baby was with us. She was a trooper but she was getting bored. The attorneys office is not exactly baby friendly. There was a lovely little coffee shop across the street where we hung out for a while and chatted with the baristas. That was fun. The rest was messy, but we did finally finish about 6pm (closing was at 2 mind you). We got the keys and headed HOME! We wrapped up a few things at the house and Erica’s parents brought dinner down and a load of boxes. That was such a blessing.

Today we got up and drove back down to meet the water filtration rep. We got there and he was running all the tests on the water. To make a long, boring story short- We have really bad water. Very high iron, low pH, and lots of good ol’ sulfur. So we need a pretty extensive filtration system to get us good water. Unfortunately the cost of the system was about double what we had saved and set aside. That was a huge bummer. We could rent it monthly, however the bill is pretty high for renting. I think our plan at this point is to try to scrape the money together to pay for the system. This totally stinks because it means using the money set aside for Alex’s workshop, but we really don’t have a choice. We have to have the filtration to live in the house. Anyways. So that’s the scoop on that. We are having it installed tomorrow and we have a few weeks to decide if we want to buy or rent. Either way, we will have filtered water tomorrow! Hooray for that!

Our final adventure of the day was getting some gravel delivered! We found a place that could deliver 21 Tons of gravel. That sounded like a lot, but when they dumped it- it looked like a kinda small pile. Lol. Guess its just in comparison to the land. Either way we got it! I think we posted this the other day that we have a friend who is going to help us grade it. That is a huge blessing in light of all these other costs. Sigh.

We had to keep reminding ourselves that we are going to make it through this. This water filtration should be the last big hurdle of all the extra costs. We are done with closing costs, gravel, pump house, appraisals, etc etc etc (as it seems!). Oye.

It’s alllll going to work out. Eventually. But we might be eating rice for the next 3 years paying off all this stuff! Hahah. More updates to come!